Ok, since this blog is experimental anyway, I’ve decided to experient some more and go without comments, at least for now. The first reason, to be honest, is I’ve played with Muut (don’t get me started on things like Disqus), aaand it’s somewhat hard. Much as I’m intrigued by Riot from the same authors, overriding a whole lot of Muut’s css rules is boring (and none of those!importants are particularly easy on these poor eyes).

There goes my idea of having a fully static site and comments. If (or when) I decide to roll my own comments, I’m gonna need a DB, user authentification and a whole lot of stuff I haven’t even begun to think about. Not to mention paying for Heroku or whatever.

But I need to learn all those things anyway. Hard things. Useful things. Sure, one of the reasons I’m starting a blog is that networking is supposedly good for your career. But for the time being I need to acquire skills way more than I need to make myself known. If I can’t even code a simple comments section, what’s the point of talking to me anyway?

And sure, even as a noob I might use some feedback on that trivial stuff I might write right now. But maybe the lack of easy communication channels like comments (or, say, Twitter) will help me start putting parts of my experiments into publishable chunks, and that will get me more meaningful feedback than those bite-sized recipes on using Gulp plugins.

And if not, I’m just going to have to learn how the comments are coded, isn’t I?